Services at Koura Residence:

The Cafeteria

An exceptionally large variety of healthy and delicious sandwiches and hot meals are served at the cafeteria, every day of the week.  Our experienced resident chef specializes in the “meal-of-the-day”.

Gym/Table Tennis

A fully equipped and sizable gym is accessible to you at all times. Table tennis is also available for the enthusiasts or for those wishing to unwind for the day.

Billiard Room

True to keeping with student living tradition, a full-fledged billiard room is available for you.  It is filled with all the essentials for billiards creating a relaxing atmosphere, ensuring you stay at the top of your game and giving you the chance to mingle maximizing the opportunities to mix with your fellow students.


Vast gardens surround your Koura Residence.  These are quiet and scenic, perfect for a relaxing walk, a game of football or even a last minute study session.

Leisure Room

The leisure room is a place for you to relax and mingle, complete with an LCD projector, darts and comfortable surroundings.

Other Services:

  • 24-hour security, ensuring safety and security at all times.
  • Reception Desk, with friendly and helpful staff to help you with any request.
  • Expansive Study Room, providing an environment conducive to thorough studying
  • Mini-market
  • Laundry